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Ombre Powder Brows Basic Permanent Makeup Training

Ombre Powder Brows Basic PMU Training Maastricht

Are you considering taking a permanent make-up course in Maastricht Netherlands? Then you are in good hands. A growing number of beauticians, hairdressers, make-up artists and even those with office jobs are choosing to pursue a career in permanent make-up or semi-permanent make-up. Whether you are considering training in permanent make-up as a beginner Maastricht Netherlands to follow, or are already busy but are looking for additional training in pmu to perform PMU treatments with more confidence, Ombre Beauty in Maastricht Netherlands , offers you this PMU course.

Start Your PMU Training Today Maastricht Netherlands 

Are you ready to become a certified Ombre Powder Brows specialist? Register now for our pmu course and take the first step towards a successful career in the beauty industry as a pmu artist. At Ombre Beauty® we are fully committed to your success.

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What is Permanent Make-Up?

Permanent Make-Up (PMU) is a cosmetic technique in which natural pigments are permanently or semi-permanently inserted under the skin to create the illusion of makeup/eyebrows. This technique is often used for eyebrows (such as microblading or ombre powder brows), eyeliner, lips (lip blush), and even to camouflage scars or mimic hair follicles on the scalp. The main objective of PMU is to enhance natural beauty and simplify daily make-up routines.

Ombre Powder Brows

How much does a PMU treatment cost?

Professionals charge an average of €300 to €600 for treatments.

Different Types of Permanent Makeup Courses in Maastricht Netherlands 

At Ombre Beauty Akira Nitsche you can go for various specialized Permanent Make-up courses Maastricht Netherlands , including:

- Basic Powder Brows training
- Lip blush permanent make-up training
- The Science Behind Your PMU Art course
- Private PMU courses by Akira Nitsche
- Non Laser PMU Removal Training

We advise beginners to start with the 3-day Basic Powder Brows Training Maastricht Netherlands . For those who also want to immediately learn the technique for permanent make-up lips, we offer a subsequent combo course. Lip blush permanent makeup training

Our Permanent Makeup Courses

Our PMU courses are suitable for both novice and experienced PMU artists. Without experience, you start with the basic Powder Brows training and we work together on all the knowledge and skills needed to start as a PMU artist.

Akira Nitsche

Experienced and Internationally Recognized Permanent Make-Up Master

All courses are taught by Akira Nitsche , a pioneer in the PMU industry with years of experience and knowledge. Akira is annually invited to conferences worldwide and shares her expertise by providing local training.

3 Day Ombre Powder Brows Training in Maastricht Netherlands 

Basic Powder Brows training includes both theory and practice, where you gain the essential basic knowledge on the first day, learn practical PMU skills on latex and live model on the second day, and get to work on your own model under supervision on the third day. by Akira Nitsche .

After the Basic Powder Brows training 

We provide our students with ongoing post-training support, including personal mentoring by Akira and feedback on your pmu work to refine your skills.

At Ombre Beauty we understand the importance of quality education and offer a PMU training Basic Powder Brows training that not only focuses on the technique, but also on the art behind creating the perfect Ombre Powder Brows . Our pmu courses are accessible to everyone, regardless of your experience, and are designed to provide you with all the essentials and knowledge.

For more information and registration, Basic Powder Brows Training Visit

Discover why PMU is so popular and how you can immediately start working as a PMU specialist after successfully completing our basic training.

Why Choose Ombre Beauty for a PMU Training in Maastricht Netherlands ?

At Ombre Beauty® you are assured of high-quality education. Developed by Akira Nitsche, a globally recognized pioneer in the PMU industry, our pmu courses ensure that you master not only the techniques, but also the art behind creating perfect Ombre Powder Brows. Take a look into the world of Permanent Makeup with one of the most sought-after Masters in the world.

Read More About Akira Nitsche

Follow Akira on social media to stay up to date with her innovative methods and global experiences. In In 2023, Akira is scheduled to speak and give training in Latvia, UK, France, Poland, Italy, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, America (New York), Colombia and Turkey. Follow Akira on social media to follow her progressive approach and international experiences.

The Permanent Makeup Training Maastricht Netherlands 

Permanent Make-up training for Beauty Specialists

Permanent Make-up training for Nail stylists

Permanent Make-up training for Hairdressers

Permanent Make-up training for Beginners

What will I learn during the PMU training? Maastricht Netherlands ? Basic Powder Brows training

You will learn everything about the PMU Ombre Powder Brows technique, including color theory, skin structure, hygiene, the latest trends, and practical application on models. We also offer business insights to start or expand your own practice.

How long does the PMU training last? Maastricht Netherlands ?

Our basic training lasts 3 days and covers both theory and practice in detail.

Do I need prior education or experience in PMU?

No, our course is designed to welcome students of all levels. We start with the basics and build your skills systematically.

What are the costs of the Permanent Make-up training?

The cost for the Basic Powder Brows Training is €3250 excl. VAT. This includes all necessary materials, excl. PMU Machine and access to our online learning environment, and personal guidance byAkira Nitsche . Even after the training.

How can I register for PMU Training? Maastricht Netherlands ?

Visit our website and complete the registration form. We will contact you as soon as possible with the next steps. You only pay the registration fee and you can pay the full amount in installments. Ask for conditions.

Can I immediately start working at the PMU Artist with this basic PMU training?

Yes, after successfully completing our basic training you will need the skills and certification to immediately start working as a PMU Artist.

We also help you after the training, so that you can get started straight away.

During the class you will learn to create the perfect brows and get the freedom and support to find your own style.

Are starter kits provided with the training ?

Yes, our training includes a starter kit with essential supplies you need to start practicing and treating your first clients.

PMU Machine is not part of this. It remains a very personal choice. We do offer various brands of PMU Machines for loan during the training. So that you can choose which PMU Machine fits your hand better to achieve the best results.

Permanent Makeup is and remains an art. Your tools are very personal and very important.

How do I stay informed of the latest PMU techniques?

We offer ongoing support and advanced pmu courses to update your skills. We also advise you to participate in workshops and conferences in the PMU industry.

We advise our students to follow various Masters and other specialization courses. Every year, Ombre Beauty invites a number of world-famous artists to Hasselt to show their specialization in permanent Make-up. Knowledge is power!

Is financing or payment arrangement possible for the training?

We understand that cost is a consideration, which is why we offer flexible payment plans to make our training accessible to everyone.

Ask for conditions

What if I need extra help during my PMU training?

We offer personal guidance and support throughout the entire training. Students can always contact their Akira Nitsche for additional help after the course. We have students who still seek help or advice years later.

Every person, face and skin is different. Correcting old PMU or dealing with specific cases is not always very easy.

We have been in business for 16 years and are always here to help you.

How small are the classes of the PMU Courses?

We keep our classes as small as possible, maximum 3 to 4 students, to ensure personal attention and guidance, which is essential for the learning process.

Is there an exam at the end of the Permanent Makeup training?

Yes, there is a practical exam that you perform while working on the model to test your understanding and skills.

Can I see reviews or success stories from former students?

Certainly, we encourage potential students to google reviews our website and social media for testimonials and success stories from our alumni.


Which certification will I receive after completing the Ombre Powder Brows training?

Upon successful completion of the training you will receive a certified diploma from Ombre Beauty® that is recognized in the PMU industry and demonstrates your competence in the Ombre Powder Brows technique.

Akira has trained more than 1,000 students worldwide.

How does this course compare to other PMU courses on the market?

Our Ombre Powder Brows Basic Course is distinguished by the depth of the curriculum, the quality of the instructor , and our commitment to hands-on learning. We ensure that our students not only master the technology, but also understand how to be successful in the industry.

Akira herself is an example of how to set up a successful Permanent Makeup business and achieve international success.

Akira's students are now leading Salons in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, UAE, Lebanon, Spain and she still guides dozens of new students every year and ensures that students can get the best out of themselves.

As organizer of WULOP Belgium Semi Finals, Akira also gives her students an international stage to shine.

Is experience in the beauty industry required to start?

Experience in the beauty industry is helpful, but not required. Our degree program is designed to give students from all backgrounds the skills they need to be successful in PMU.

How practice-oriented is the training?

Our training is very practical, with extensive hands-on training on models supervised by Akira himself to ensure you can perform the technique with confidence and competence.

Can I start my own salon after this training?

Absolutely, many of our graduates go on to successfully start their own PMU salon. Our training also includes business and marketing strategies to help you succeed.

Does the training also provide knowledge about the latest PMU equipment PMU Machines ?

Yes, we ensure that our students become familiar with the latest PMU equipment and technologies so that they are up to date with industry standards. So that you can make a personally considered choice.

If you have a Machine yourself - we will teach you how to operate your own Machine and make it your own.

What about safety and hygiene during the training?

Safety and hygiene are our top priorities. You will learn extensively about best practices for sterilization, preventing cross-contamination, and the use of personal protective equipment.

What are the admission requirements for the pmu course ?

There are no specific educational requirements, but a passion for beauty and a commitment to learning are essential. A background in cosmetology or aesthetics may be helpful, but is not required.

How does the course stay up-to-date with the latest PMU trends?

Akira is a globally active professional in the PMU industry and constantly brings the latest techniques, trends and best practices to training.

PMU Training for Beauticians

How can I use my current skills as a beautician in PMU?

As a beautician you already have a good understanding of aesthetics, colors and facial anatomy, which provides a solid foundation for PMU. These skills can be directly applied when learning PMU techniques.

Do I need to obtain a separate certification to offer PMU treatments?

Yes, PMU requires specific training and certification, even if you are already a certified cosmetologist.

Consider carefully where you start.

How much time does it take to switch from beautician to PMU Artist?

The time may vary depending on your current skills and the intensity of the PMU course you choose. Basic training courses can range from a few days to a week, with additional time for practical experience.

Ombre Beauty's PMU Ombre Powder Brows Training lasts 3 days. You can offer treatments within a week.

Which PMU techniques are most in demand?

Techniques such as microblading, ombre powder brows , lip blush and eyeliner and Areola, Skars are very popular. Specializing in one or more of these techniques can make your services more attractive.

What is the potential income for a PMU specialist?

Income may vary depending on your location, experience and the services you offer. PMU treatments are generally priced higher than traditional beauty treatments, which can lead to a significantly higher income. As a beginner, you can offer treatments for an average of EUR 300.

How do I build a PMU portfolio as a starting PMU specialist?

Start working on new models immediately after training. Continue to practice very well on artificial skin. Get Akira's opinion after each model with before and after photos. Document your work with high-quality photos to build a portfolio that showcases your skills.


If you have any questions or comments or would like personal advice, please write or call us.


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