Realistic Hair Strokes Technique

We are proud to introduce and welcome one of the most experienced and knowledgeable PMU artists in hair stroke techniques for the first time in the Benelux. Master Mosha Quintana will join our Academy on September 19, 20, 21.

Mosha will teach her unique REALISTIC HAIR STROKES TECHNIQUE | 3D Nano Brows.

What is so special about this technique?

Realistic Hair Stroke is a technique that uses a machine to create thin, fine lines that mimic realistic hair effects and patterns. Mosha uses various methods to create dimension and works with different needles and color combinations to always achieve a refined and ultra-realistic effect, regardless of skin type or color.

Hoe ziet Microblading uit ? Hair Strokes of Microblading ?

Why this 3 Days Masterclass?

Hair stroke techniques (with machine) are currently very popular in the PMU world. Mastering this technique offers endless possibilities for the patterns you can create, allowing you to fully develop your own looks and style! You can also combine this technique with ombre brow techniques.



Under the leadership of Akira Nitsche, who enjoys an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally due to her high-quality training programs. With all guest instructors we invite to teach, we aim for the same levels of quality. Mosha is an extremely talented artist and also an excellent teacher. She gives all students ample time to comfortably learn the hair stroke technique. Her training therefore includes extra time and is spread over no less than 3 class days.


DAY 1 / 19 September / 09:30 - 18:00

Topics covered include:

- Various hair stroke patterns.
- How to choose the pattern for the client for the most natural results.
- How to add dimension to the pattern.
- Skin type & undertone and selecting the right pigments for this technique.
- Needle type selections.
- Machine stroke, speed, and other important settings for this technique.
- Correct hand pressure vs. depth of stroke and ink implantation.
- Hand and needle movements.
- How to determine if pigment is correctly implanted.
- Homework assignment: practice patterns in preparation for the next day.

DAY 2 / 20 September / 09:30 - 18:00

Today, Mosha is giving a super detailed live demo...

She holds nothing back in terms of information; Mosha is always very detailed. Watch from start to finish and see Realistic Hair Strokes come to life on a live model. Mosha will demonstrate various needles such as 1RL & 5 or 7 MG.

  • In the afternoon, students will continue intensive training on latex
  • Exclusive 1:1 time with each student
  • Extended Q&A time
  • Homework assignment: in the spirit of optimal preparation for the last day of class

DAY 3 / September 21 / 09:30 - 18:00

After 2 super fun and especially educational days, today is the day you will be working on your own model (bring your own), of course under hands-on guidance from your master and team.

Because Mosha wants to give each student sufficient support, students will work in mini-groups (see schedule below).
Group 1 = 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Group 2 = 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Based on your progress during the first day, we will decide in which order everyone will start, so that each student gets the most out of her training.

Students with more experience / a solid foundation will start in group 1, and students who need additional training in basic techniques / movements will start in group 2.

The times indicated here are indicative and may unexpectedly deviate. Therefore, it is best to arrange for a model who is available all day, as you will only know the time you will start one day in advance.

Hoe wordt Microblading wenkbrauwen gezet?

What's Included:

  • Very comprehensive student manual
  • Goodie bag with products, samples of needles, and pigments
  • Special practice latex to learn this technique
  • Lunch
  • Certificate
  • Aftercare in Mosha's Facebook group to review videos


This lesson is recommended for PMU artists who ALREADY HAVE EXPERIENCE with OMBRE BROWS, LIPS, and/or EYELINER techniques.

You don't need to have experience with hair stroke techniques yet, but you must have experience in creating thin lines on the skin, such as a contour with ombre brows and/or a lip contour. If you already have experience in hair strokes but want to perfect your technique, this lesson will also be an eye-opener!



Don't forget to bring your own materials every day, such as your machine, power supply, cables, and enough needles 1RL & 5RL 0.30 and 0.35.

Very limited spots to maintain the learning experience | first come, first served!

Dutch & French translation will be available.
Hair strokes of Microblading Wenkbrauwen laten doen waar moet ik zijn?
Microblading laten doen in Belgie wies is de beste in Microblading of Hairstrokes
Wenkbrauwen laten doen in Hasselt
Hoeveel kost Microblading laten doen in Belgie Hasselt Genk Tongeren
Beste Microblading met PMU Machine is de Hair Strokes by Mosha Belgie
PMU Academy Hasselt Akira Nitsche Ombre Beauty by Akira


19/20/21 September 2024


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Realistic Hair Strokes PMU Masterclass