Do you also think you have the best job in the world?

Are you also grateful that you have been able to turn your passion into your job and never start your working day with reluctance?

Does your partner, friends and family sometimes say that you don't really care about anything other than beauty, pmu, your business and your ambitions?

And do you even recognize the feeling that when you are on holiday, after a few days you quickly think about PMU, brows, lips, eyeliners or skin, and you secretly count down the time until you can go back to your studio to practice your art? ?

"Then you're just as much of a professional idiot as I am"

I love my job, and it often doesn't even feel like I'm really working. While I am actually working on my business and my art 24/7.

Because I am so absorbed in my job, until 3-4 years ago I sometimes had the feeling that my world was very small. My Academy and Studio are located next to my house, and I often only went out to walk my dog ​​and do some shopping.

The feeling of joy, passion, gratitude for my good business often alternated with a feeling of isolation, not really having colleagues and the idea and dreams 'there's more outside'...

And with outside my dream started with 'outside my business' and 'outside my city' and as I started dreaming bigger and bigger it became 'outside my country, outside BeNeLux, outside Europe' to 'what else is there in the WORLD' !?

If you want something, you have to do something for it is always the message... and this is what I did.

Working hard with international growth was on my list and I am grateful that all my hard work has brought me so much.

Since 2018, I have started giving international training courses in Dubai, Oman, Lebanon, Greece, Germany and of course in the BeneLux. By taking this step (myself), I started to gain more and more global brand awareness and with this I received more and more invitations to speak at large conferences, something that is very different from teaching (an international course consists on average of a group of 15 students and then you suddenly find yourself standing in front of large audiences, 400-1000 people sharing knowledge and skills live).

But how I enjoyed and enjoy this!!

Ombre Powder Brows Permanente Makeup

The list of countries continued to grow, from UK London to Romania and from Poland to Serbia ...

In 2019 I was invited to Asia for the first time and discovered beautiful Vietnam. What an experience, what wonderful energy and what a progressive world in Beauty and techniques I was able to see there.

I couldn't wait for the travel restrictions of the pandemic to be over to spread my wings even further. Turkey, France, Thailand and Morocco... Grateful for all the beautiful things I have already experienced.

I have always known that traveling enriches a life. You just discover so many new things! And meeting new people, other cultures, other ideas, other visions, other smells and tastes, I see as an enrichment of my soul. The ultimate investment in yourself, which no one can ever take away from you.

Traveling in combination with work and being able to share my passion is the ultimate combination for me.

This feels to me that I can give even more meaning to a journey. Not only 'spend money' but also earn (immediately), or know that the investment will be 100% recouped over time.

I also realize very well that traveling (so much) is not for everyone. For example, it is not always easy to combine with your family life, especially if you have (school-age) children.

But, I'm almost certain that if you are an ambitious PMU artist, you already have some experience, you have really dreamed of at least having a 'taste' of working internationally, visiting a major event or doing it yourself. to become a speaker or jury. If it's just out of curiosity, you sometimes get tired of only working in Belgium and want to experience what the wide world still has to offer.

And just think about the social media content you will collect... ;)

Permanente Makeup Opleiding Ombre Powder Brows Akira Nitsche Ombre Beauty
 Permanente Makeup Opleiding Conferentie Akira Nitsche Ombre Beauty
Permanente Makeup Opleiding Ombre Powder Brows Akira Nitsche Ombre Beauty
The CROSSING BOARDERS gives you the opportunity to further explore 'curiosity' and make dreams come true.

Together we will literally push your boundaries! This is the year and your moment!

Want to know more about what and how?

Then register for the online meeting on January 31, '24 in which I will tell you all about this incredibly adventurous process in a LIVE session.

Please note: only register if you really want to get the best out of yourself this year and have serious plans to push boundaries.

You must also be available to travel from August 23 to at least August 27, '24