The Science Behind your PMU Art®

A unique project, in where Akira aspires to elevate the industry, providing objective, proven and constantly up-to-date information, to set new professional standards.

The education presents all vital information in a truly engaging and easily comprehensive manner. Utilizing interactive experiments, clear and vibrant videos, and meticulously prepared checklists, ensuring that every PMU artist can understand all NEWLY LEARNED info, EFFORTLESSLY!


In the ever-evolving world of beauty and permanent makeup (PMU), there's a pioneer whose journey transcends the ordinary.

AKIRA NITSCHE, a name synonymous with over 18 years of mastery in the worlds of beauty, skin and PMU. But her story is not just about expertise, it's about a relentless pursuit of sharing knowledge, a commitment to safety, and a profound dedication to art & science.

Her curiosity about the interplay between beauty, ingredients, their effects and the science behind it find it's origins in her early years. As a teenager, she was already a seeker of truth, investigating inci-labels to unravel the mysteries of skincare ingredients. She didn't merely accept marketing messages or manufacturer claims, but always delved deeper into the science and origins of each component, assessing their benefits and safety for skin and health.

New regulations for PMU inks prompted her to delve even deeper into the science behind PMU, analyzing ink formulas and countless other products artists use during the pmu process.

Akira is convinced that the more (scientific) information you get, the better you understand your healed results. As artists in the skin, we should strive to reshape our focus and expand our objectives beyond mere efficiency and immediate results; they should encompass long-term safety.

Knowledge about pigmentology, chromatology, chemical structures of ink ingredients and their interactions within the body & external factors are indispensable for every professional PMU, SPMU, and tattoo artist.

It will profoundly shape artist's choices when it comes to selecting best colors, inks and safest ingredients.

Blend. Permanente Makeup


As Micropigmentation / PMU specialists, we implant many types of chemicals IN the skin - and our work remains there for a long time! Extremely detailed knowledge about pmu colors, ink ingredients and evolution of the products you place in the skin is essential to be able to do your work safely and professionally!

For over 4 years, Akira has been on a journey of discovery and innovation, consulting the research and expertise from several international foremost experts in various related fields, including dermatologists, derma pathologists, allergists, immunologists, surgeons and various suppliers of raw materials, chemists , and manufacturers of Inks.

The results of all her research are presented in the groundbreaking mastermind education:


After following this intensive training, artist' self-confidence will increase enormously, helping them to make the right choices about colors and pigment types for different PMU techniques for brows, lips and eyeliners.

This course will take your KNOWLEDGE 100 steps higher and will put all the pieces of the puzzle into place through must-know information and life hacks!!

Akira focuses on enriching participants knowledge with FACTS and not (sales) fantasies. And after this day they will be able to read and truly understand everything on the labels of inks/pigments, in order to make well-founded and correct choices regarding which colors & products best to use for all different types of clients.

The program doesn't stop at reading labels but teaches so much more


Following topics will be discussed during the Mastermind Masterclass:

Blend. Permanente Makeup
Ombre Beauty Permanente Makeup Opleiding


The Science behind your PMU Art® is the most unique course everyone is talking about!

  • This educational program offers an immersive learning experience.
  • 2 day program – interactive, intensive and truly unique in it's kind .
  • Students get a chance to participate in live lab experiments to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, enhancing their understanding of colors, ink, skin and science.
  • Every participant receives our special curated & Unique 'Lab Kit' . In this kit we included different tools and gadgets for hands-on learning during this day.
  • Upon completion, participants will be awarded a very special ' Certificate of Attendance' , formalizing recognition of their acquired competence and active participation.
Join the revolution and let's take the PMU industry to higher levels, together!
PMU Beoordeling Akira Nitsche Docent Master Permanente Makeup
PMU Beoordeling Ombre Beauty by Akira PMU Academy
Wenkbrauwen opleiding beoordeling Akira Nitsche Ombre Beauty by Akira
PMU Academy beste in BElgie Ombre Beauty by Akira International PMU Master
Ombre Beauty by Akira beoordeling PMU Student
PMU Student beoordeling Akira Nitsche Ombre Beauty by Akira

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