DUBAI PMU Conference Prime Speaker Main Stage Dubai 2023

DUBAI PMU Conference Prime Speaker Main Stage Dubai 2023

A Permanent Makeup event recently took place in the beautiful city of Dubai, known for its breathtaking skyline and vibrant culture. It was a gathering of the best PMU artists from more than 14 countries, including UAE, Oman, KSA, Iran, Iraq, Netherlands, Morocco, Lebanon, and others. Amid this international flair, one speaker stood out as the highlight of the event: Akira Nitsche with The Science Behind Your PMU ART.

Akira, with Dubai as her second home and workplace, has made her mark in the PMU industry by delivering training not only in the Emirates but also in Oman, Lebanon and beyond. Her presentation in Dubai was seen as an eye-opener that drew attention to a crucial aspect of permanent make-up pigments and the impact of sun exposure.

Why was this presentation so remarkable? Akira approached the subject with an in-depth understanding of the regional climatic challenges. She spoke about the effects of sun exposure on the skin and how PMU artists should take this into account in their work. This topic resonated strongly with those present, given the intense sunshine typical of the Middle East. It wasn't just a lecture; it was a dialogue that went beyond the walls of the event, inspiring both new and experienced artists.

Akira's connection with Dubai and her dedication to spreading knowledge in the region is admirable. Her regular return to Dubai for special client treatments and training emphasizes her connection with the city and its people.

Akira's performance as Prime Speaker was not only a professional milestone; it was a warm homecoming. We are grateful to the local organization and participants who showed their interest during and after the training. Akira's message was one of community, support, and knowledge sharing – principles essential to the advancement of Permanent Makeup.

The future looks bright, with plans for further training and treatments in beautiful Dubai. Akira's dedication to supporting organizations large and small, and her passion for spreading knowledge, continues to be an inspiration to many.

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