MOROCCO PMU Conference Prime Speaker Main Stage Marrakesh 2023

MAROKKO PMU Conference Prime Speaker Main Stage Marrakesh 2023

The exotic city of Marrakesh, a jewel in the heart of Morocco and one of the world's most coveted holiday destinations, recently hosted a permanent Makeup event. Akira Nitsche, a leading figure in the international PMU community, had the honor of visiting Morocco for the first time and sharing her knowledge and passion at a top-level PMU conference, held in a luxurious five-star resort.

The conference, which brought together the crème de la crème of the PMU industry from Morocco, Tunisia, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, was a wonderful example of craftsmanship and cultural exchange. Akira's presentation was received with great enthusiasm, with participants expressing their great interest both before and after her lecture. The success of her performance underlined her status as an influential leader in the PMU world.

Marrakesh, with its unparalleled culture, cuisine, sun and fresh air, provided the perfect backdrop for this unique event. For Akira, it was an unforgettable experience to witness the North African PMU skills and be part of the first edition of what will undoubtedly be one of the best PMU conferences of its kind.

Special thanks go to Suad Idraf, whose tireless efforts and dedication made the event an unprecedented success. Her vision and passion for bringing the PMU community together in such an enchanting environment deserves our deepest appreciation and respect.

This trip to Marrakech marks an important moment in Akira Nitsche's career, but also in the continued evolution of the PMU industry. It emphasizes the beauty of cultural diversity and the power of international cooperation. The experiences and knowledge gained during this conference will undoubtedly contribute to the enrichment of PMU practices worldwide.

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