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Akira Nitsche Ombre Beauty by Akira Permanente Makeup Academy voor Ombre Brows Wenkbrauwen

In the historic city of Belgrade, a crossroads of cultures and traditions, a special gathering took place that made the hearts of permanent make-up (PMU) enthusiasts from all over the region beat faster. It was an event that not only brought together professionals from the former Yugoslav countries and the Balkans, but also served as a stage for one of the most influential figures in the PMU industry, including Akira Nitsche.

Akira's trip to Belgrade was a return to where her international fame began. In this city, considered by many as the birthplace of Microblading, a technique that revived the semi-permanent make-up industry, Akira had the honor of once again being the keynote speaker. Her previous presentations in Belgrade, for a world-renowned top brand in semi-permanent make-up, marked the launch of the term "Ombre Brows" - a concept that not only gave her company Ombre Beauty its name, but also transformed the industry.

The atmosphere in Serbia, with its exceptional talent and warm hospitality, made this event an unforgettable experience. The love for PMU was celebrated here like nowhere else, making Akira's presentation a deep impression on everyone present. The passion and craftsmanship of the local artists were exceptional, re-establishing Belgrade as a center of innovation and excellence in the PMU world.

It was a huge honor for Akira to speak at the center of the world's leading PMU artists. This occasion highlighted not only its role as a pioneer in the industry but also the evolutionary power of PMU as a form of artistic and personal expression. Her contribution to the conference strengthened the bridge between tradition and innovation, between the past and a promising future.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the hostess and organizers of the event in Belgrade. Their commitment and hospitality made this special gathering possible, where the community came together to learn, share and, above all, celebrate.

Serbia, with its beautiful landscape, its warm people and its rich PMU culture, has captured a special place in our hearts. The experiences and memories we have made here are unforgettable and we look forward to returning to this beautiful country. The spirit of Belgrade and the passion for PMU that lives here remains a source of inspiration for us all.

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