London PMU Conference Prime Speaker

PMU London, Education by Akira Nitsche of Ombre Beauty by Akira PMU

In the heart of North London, against the backdrop of a breathtakingly authentic castle, a permanent makeup event took place that celebrated the essence of permanent makeup (PMU) in a royal way. This unique conference brought together PMU artists from Ireland, the United Kingdom, and even participants from Africa.

The focus of Akira's presentation on coloristis & pigmentology especially the output of pmu eyebrows. With the artists present, eager to deepen their knowledge and sharpen their skills. Particularly notable was the interest shown by participants from Africa, who asked specific questions about PMU techniques for darker skin tones. This interaction and the subsequent round of questions confirmed the relevance and appreciation for the subject, underlining how PMU unites artists from all backgrounds in their pursuit of perfection using responsible pigments.

Another important topic of discussion during the conference was the impending REACH legislation, which regulates safety and health standards for chemicals in the European Union. Although the UK has not yet implemented these standards, the response from the artists in attendance showed that they are not only ready but also inspired by the progress and preparations already taking place in mainland Europe. This proactive attitude promises a positive shift in the UK PMU industry.

The efforts and dedication of the organizer to make this conference a reality cannot be praised enough. It was a huge honor for Akira to speak in London again, after her previous presentation in 2022. The energy of the city, the passion of the participants, and the inspiration of the hostess made this event an unforgettable experience.

London, with its rich history and dynamic atmosphere, provided the perfect stage for an event that celebrates the beauty and diversity of PMU art. Akira Nitsche, through her expertise and charisma, managed to shed light on essential aspects of the PMU industry.

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