WULOP Prime Speaker Main Stage Kemer Turkiye 2022

WULOP Prime Speaker Main Stage Kemer Turkiye 2022

In the world of permanent makeup (PMU), continuous education and innovation is the key to success. During WULOP 2022, a prestigious event that brings together PMU artists from more than 45 countries, one presentation in particular was in the spotlight: “The Science Behind Your PMU Art” by Akira Nitsche. Recognized as one of the best masters worldwide, Akira shared her insights and in-depth knowledge on the Main Stage, an honor only awarded to a select few experts.

Akira's presentation was not just an educational session; it was a revelation that revealed the essence of PMU art. With a focus on the science behind the art, Akira highlighted the importance of ingredients and techniques required to achieve beautiful, healthy results. This topic, crucial for every PMU professional, underlines the importance of what we put into our skin and its impact on long-lasting beauty and health.

The uniqueness of Akira's approach lies in her ability to make complex scientific concepts accessible to a wide audience. Her presentation at WULOP 2022, hosted in Turkey, was not just a lecture; it was an interactive experience with live lab tests that revealed the essence of PMU in an engaging and understandable way. This approach has not only put Akira Nitsche on the map as a leading PMU master in Belgium and the Netherlands, but also as a much sought-after speaker at a world level.

Wulop 2022 Main Stage Permanent Makeup Training

The impact of Akira's presentation extends beyond the WULOP stage. It has led to the development of an exceptional education, giving PMU artists the opportunity to take their skills to the next level. Inspired by her presentation, Akira Nitsche is now going on a world tour, with workshops in countries such as Latvia, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, Thailand, Colombia, Poland and USA (New York), to name a few. This tour is a testament to her commitment to spreading the art and science of PMU worldwide.

At Ombre Beauty, we recognize the importance of permanent makeup training that emphasizes not only technical skills but also the scientific principles that underpin our practices. Akira Nitsche's "The Science Behind Your PMU Art" is a crucial step forward in this mission. We are proud to share her insights and expertise with our community and the broader PMU industry.

We thank the organization of WULOP in Turkey for hosting such a transformative event and providing a platform for leaders like Akira to share their knowledge. Their commitment to excellence and innovation in the PMU industry is truly inspiring.

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